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GURIS Construction Machineries Industry Company Inc. jointed the structure of GÜRİŞ Holding when it was founded in 1984 with name Güriş Export Import and Marketing Co. Inc.

The company, which underwent a change of name in 2010 and became GURIS Construction Machineries Industry Company Inc. focused on concrete mixing plants and crushing & screening plants by correctly analyzing the facts of the country and the world since its foundation.

GURIS Construction Machineries Industry Company Inc., having achieved many worldwide successes in its field made significant contributions to the growth of the company along with other Holding Companies.

GURIS Construction Machineries Industry Company Inc., having gained expertise on Concrete Mixing Plants and Crushing & Screening Plants became one of the enterprises that not only caught up with contemporary technology but also developed and produced this technology worldwide under its brand name.

In addition to stationary and mobile concrete mixing plants, it succeeded in outcompeting its competitors about development of crushing & screening plants according to need and their foundation on a turnkey delivery basis and became operational worldwide.

GURIS Construction Machineries Industry Company Inc., one of the favorite enterprises of GURIS Holding, after having made an agreement with the Japanese Furukawa Company, soon became one of the most important worldwide solutions partners in the field of Hydraulic Crawler Drills and Rock Breakers.

The quality of the service given worldwide in the field of spare parts and service is one of the most significant successes of GURIS Construction Machineries Industry Company Inc.

In addition to being one of the leading enterprises of GURIS Holding and our country both in the past and in the future, GURIS Construction Machineries Industry Company Inc. also aims to strengthen its infrastructure, make more investments on Research and Development and produce more efficient products for its worldwide customers with purpose of delivering its operations and products to the whole world.

    • GURIS, as a long established enterprise, is one of the global and leader companies that has exceeded the known standards and has been able to develop its own standards.
    • GURIS gained international reputation with its integrated and innovative approach.
    • In addition to being one of the leader enterprises in the world within the scope of its area of activity, GURIS adopted continuous growth as it mission with its potential and global experience known worldwide.
    • Depending on the area of activity, GURIS is able to add real value to the institutions or the industry it serves with its comprehensive and global working dimensions.
    • GURIS has started to operate beyond the internationally accepted quality and service standards and has become an exemplary institution that continuously improves its quality standards.
    • GURIS gave prominence to trust by valuing all its employees and people both within its structure and it affiliates and has gained indestructible loyalty.
    • By supporting continuous development (personal/professional) with various trainings, GURIS first invested in people and implemented the proactive working model. In this way, GURIS guaranteed the processes with the widest scope.
    • What GURIS has achieved has become evidence for what it can achieve and it has proven its abilities at the global level. GURIS is a long established enterprise that has been able to catch attention not only in our country but also worldwide.
  • The aim of GURIS is growth like all companies.

    However GURIS, will continue this growth in a balanced manner and more importantly by preserving its reliability.
  • To catch contemporary technology with our institutionalized structure and qualified manpower.

    To place importance on training activities.

    To provide high quality and reliable services in conformity with world standards.
  • To provide high quality services in conformity with legal regulations and specifications in a manner that will meet the expectations and needs of our domestic and foreign customers. To provide job security for our employees that are our most valuable inner resource, to protect their health and to minimize adverse environmental effects while providing high quality projects fully meeting the expectations of our customers.

    To meet this aim;
    • To effectively continue continuous improvement activities in order to rapidly meet the changing expectations of customers,
    • To encourage our suppliers and outsourcers to increase their quality in order to provide high quality services,
    • To use our resources in the most effective and efficient manner,
    • To maximize our performance and competitive power,
    • To implement the necessary training for systems about these matters to be understood by employees, to develop their sense of responsibility and conscious and continuous development,
    • To continue our activities by making sure that measures preserving the environment and preventing environmental pollution are taken.
    • To be one of the building stones of development in all the sectors that we provide service in (construction, industry, tourism),
    • To provide an extensive range of activities with planned and stable growth policies in the sectors that we provide service by establishing subsidiary industry and areas of service,
    • To approach each project with the following contemporary standpoint “The breaking point of the project is the sensibility to be displayed when carrying it from imagination to fact.”,
    • To provide service by aiming maximum level of customer satisfaction,
    • To embrace product quality with competition, efficiency and productivity.
    • To continue our existence as an enterprise devoted to ethical values in the places we work and live in,
    • To prioritize teamwork, to share profit, loss, success and failure.
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