From the corporate point of view, qualified manpower is the anchor point of ensuring sustainable growth, existing in competitiveness on a global scale, more productive and efficient use of resources, increasing production quality, and reducing the amount of corrections and rejected materials.

Taken into consideration the developments in the current production technologies, the drop in the production quality and efficiency, interruption of operations, increases in the amount of rejected materials, therefore increase in the costs due to the inclusion of people with insufficient knowledge in the production prevents the company’s sustainable growth, weakens its competitive power, and makes it harder for the company to survive.

It has become a necessity to train qualified persons in-house in line with the production requirements so that this problem can be avoided and the desired growth and competitiveness can be sustained. In the Technical Training Center that was realized with this mission in mind, it is targeted to increase the required qualified knowledge level of the employee as well as their sense of belonging through training, monitoring and assessment works.

The training programs have been prepared with the approach “Measurable is manageable” and they are implemented by our trainers, who are experts in their subjects, via modules shaped based on the specific needs of each department .

Our Trainings are:

  • Quality Control Training
  • Maintenance-Repair Technical Training
  • OHS & Environment Training
  • Automation System Technical Training

Our vision;

To become an organization, which enhances individual and corporate development and meets the current training needs of our employees through providing training programs that are constantly updated, high-standard, high-quality, and that strengthen the adaptation to technology.

Our Mission;

To train individuals, who provide high-quality products and services, which are able to provide the customers with fast and efficient services, who can quickly adapt to change, who can be innovative and produce value, and to provide training programs with high added value with regards to continuous improvement in line with the development direction and requirements of the industry.

The doors of Technical Training Center are open to anyone who is receptive to knowledge.

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