Dual-Damper System DDS
FRD has developed Dual-Damper System, a first in the industry. For maximum energy transfer, active DDS minimizes return of shock waves by keeping the bit firmly against the rock at all times during drilling. Active DDS minimizes percussion energy loss and, by optimizing the overall feed force, reduce hole deviation. An additional benefit is greatly improved life of drilling accessories. (U.S. PATENT No.5,896,937)

Compact Valve Design
A compact shuttle valve minimizes loss of oil pressure and maintains total power output of the drifter.

Reverse Percussion System (Optional)
The Reverse Percussion System (RPS) makes it easier to free a stuck rod. A substantial increase in extraction force allows the field proven RPS (optional) to remove stuck rods quickly. Thanks to advanced hydraulic and pneumatic technology, out put energy can be transferred to each component with minimum power loss. These systems support high productivity.


Powerful CAT® engine is fully compliant with Tier3 / Euro Stage-3 emission control.

Thanks to advanced hydraulic and pneumatic technology, out put energy can be transferred to each component with minimum power loss. These systems support high productivity.

Digital engine indicator

Digital engine indicator

Easy check engine condition in the Cab.
- Engine rpm
- Engine hour meter
- Engine coolant temp
- Engine oil pressure etc.

Engine throttle control

Engine throttle control

Adjust the engine speed.
Position I : 1.250 min-1
Position II : 1.600 min-1
Position III : 1.800 min-1
Position IV : 2.000 min-1
Position V : 2.200 min-1

Newly Designed Economy Mode

By using power-saving switch, fuel consumption is reduced during “light” work conditions. (Maximum 30 % reduction on previous models.). While drilling, Engine speed can be adjusted lower than power mode. Engine speed can be selected from one of following speed.

“Light” Work
According to Rock Condition
“Hard” Work
1.600 min-1
1.800 min-1
2.000 min-1
2.200 min-1
New Economy Mode

For the hole cleaning, Engine speed automatically increases up 2.200 min-1. As a result, even in economy mode, you can realize the perfect cleaning as power mode does.


1- Charge (Alternator)
2- Engine Diagnostic Monitor
- Engine Fault
The warning lamp indicates a serious malfunction in the engine.
- Engine Diagnosis
This alert indicator is used to indicate
the existence of active fault in the
engine with flashing codes.
3- Engine Air Cleaner
4- Compressor Air Cleaner
5- Hydraulic Oil Return Filter
6- Compressor Discharge
Temperature Gauge
7- Hydraulic Oil Temperature Gauge
8- Digital Engine Indicator

Field proven rod changer system

Field proven rod changer system

The hydro-mechanical In-Line-1 conventional design rod changer is field proven. Rod change speed is improved over previous design.

Rod changing lever

Rod changing lever

Roller rotation / Roller slide
Carrier Swing in or out / Rod Adding or Rod Collection

High capacity Compressor & Dust Collector

High capacity Compressor & Dust Collector

High-output compressor increase flushing air, provides faster drilling and decreases bit wear. Upgraded dust collector has higher suction capacity than previous models. Dust collector includes an effective pre-cleaner (optional) to reduce escape of drilling dust. An optional dust suppression system is available for diffi cult drilling conditions.

High capacity Compressor & Dust Collector
HCR1200-DSIII is provided with operator proven “triple plus one” drill control design. FRD experienced operators will perform their skill level from day one, with triple hydraulic drill control and one air control lever layout. No learning time is required.

Control panel
1- Flushing lever
2- Rotation lever
3- Feed lever
4- Percussion lever
Drilling Switch Panel
1- Feed pressure control dial
2- Dust collector switch
3- Hood & Centralizer switch
4- Anti-jamming pilot lamp
5- Anti-jamming switch
6- Mode selector switch
7- Grease lubrication switch

Anti-jamming Device

Anti-jamming Device
An anti-jamming device optimizes the drilling condition for a variety of rock types, thus offering extended bit and rod life, and consequent reduction in running cost.

Mode Selector

Mode Selector
A mode switching hydraulic circuit performs switching between N mode for homogeneous rocks and H mode for slant joints, thus enabling safe and speedy drilling.

Heavy duty undercarriage & oscillating

Heavy-duty track flames provide strength and durability. One-piece drive sprockets are manufactured with hardened surfaces for longer life. Heavy-duty track links are forged from high-manganese alloy steel, and pins and bushings are induction-hardened.Standard full track guards protect undercarriage, Track tension can be adjusted easily with a grease gun. The entire machine oscillates up-down 7.5 degrees total 15 degree to maintain machine level. And right and left tracks equalize 20 degrees to negotiate uneven ground.

New design comfort cab

New design cab provides large windows at the front and on the right side to maximize operator visibility. Cab is air conditioned and pressurized with air filters to keep out dust.

Standard Equipments

Model HCR1200-DS III
HD712 Standard
Dual Damper System Standard
Guide Shell
Hydraulic Centralizer Standard
Sliding Suction Cap Standard
Synthetic Hose Reel Standard
Rod Changer
Length of Rod 3660 mm (12 ft) Standard
Rod Size T38 MM Rod Select
T45 MM Rod Select
Starter Rod Length 3660 mm (12 ft) Select
Rotator Standard
Fixed Boom Standard
Single Shoe Standard
Sprocket Guard Standard
Dust Collector
Pre-Cleaner Optional
Steel Cab Standard
Air Conditioner Standard
High-Backed Seat Standard
Radio Standard
Catwalk Standard
Fire Extinguisher Standard
Pull to Drill, Drill Control Standard
Direct Boom Control Standard
Anti-Jamming System Standard
2-Lever Rod-Changer Control Standard
Track Oscillation Lock Standard
Back-Up Buzzer Standard
Engine Throttle Dial Standard
Auto Throttle Control for Percussion and Air Flow Standard
Power Saving Mode Selector Standard
Tilt Guide Angle Indicator Standard
Hour Meter for Engine Standard
Water Separator for Engine Standard


Model HCR1200-DS III
Weight & Dimensions Operating Weight( Standart Cab ) 11.900 kg
Operating Weight ( with FOBS/ROPS Cab ) 11.940 kg
Overall Length 9.210 mm
Overall Width 3.355 mm
Overall Width (Transportation) 2.400 mm
Overall Height 3.010 mm
Overall Height (Transportation) 2.860 mm
Drifter Model HD712
Weight 220 kg
Impact Rate 2.300 ~ 2.500 min -1
Number of Rotation 0 ~190 min -1
Undercarriage Track Length 3.159 mm
Ground Contact Length 2.395 mm
Width of Shoe 330 mm
Ground Clearance 585 mm
Oscillating Angle ±7.5°
Traveling Speed 0 ~ 3,2 km/saat (km/h)
Gradability 57,7 % (30°)
Engine Make & Model CATERPILLAR® C7
Type Water-cooled, direct injection, 6-cylinders, air to air after cooled, turbo-charged, diesel.
Output / Speed 168 kW / 2.200 min-1
Fuel Tank Capacity 330 L
Hydraulic Pump Variable Displacement Piston 2
Gear Pump 3
Hydraulic Oil Capacity 170 L
Compressor Model PDS265-S35C (AIRMAN)
Type Screw 1-Stage Forced Oil Lubrication
Free Air Delivery 7,1 m3/dk (m3/min)
Working Air Pressure 1,03 MPa
Boom Model JF325
Type Fixed Boom
Boom Lift Angle Up 54°, Down 20°
Boom Swing Angle Right 45°, Left 10°
Guide Shell Model GH831
Length 7.825 mm
Feed Length 4.736 mm (4.561 mm)
Guide Slide Length 1.500 mm
Guide Swing Sağa 30° , Sola 90°
Guide Tilt Angle 180°
Max. Rod Pull Force 31,4 kN
Feed Type Hydraulically Operated Chain Drive
Dust Collector Suction Capacity 26 m3/dk (m3/min)
Number of Filter 5
Bit & Rod Recommended Bit Diameter 90 mm (Standard), 76-102mm
Type of Bit Cross,Button, Ballistic, Conical
Size of Rod T45 (Standard)
Number of Rod 5+1 (kızakta)
Length of Rod 3.660 mm (12 ft)
Starter Rod Lenght 3.660 mm (12 ft)
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